Who are we?


Our customer service, business management and engagement solutions are both powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business.

From accounting and invoicing, to sales enquiries, to stock control and distribution, we have a bespoke solution for you.

Your software will be cloud-based, allowing distributed technology across all aspects of your business, including a free flow of information and intelligence between field staff, satellite offices, and main headquarters.

You can monitor and progress new and existing business with everything you need to succeed with your business process: lead generation, forecasting, and contract management; is right at your fingertips on mobile, tablet, and PC platforms.

All information is delivered in customisable dashboards with key business information.


Our CRM systems ensure that sales, operations and support teams have information about every customer, business opportunity and current job.

Imagine having the entire history of each customer and job so that you have a full view of all the work that has been done with the customer over time.

Our systems are more than simply knowing who the customer is, and encompass the customer’s preferences, with easy access to website visits, phone calls, sales efforts, quotations, and jobs underway and completed.

The goal is effortless management of an experience tailored to each customer or client.


Companies often use Outlook 365 or Gmail email solutions that are not fully integrated into the intelligence of the business. This can result in information lost in complicated knots of email correspondence, and management and staff involved in long email searches.

Our email system is incorporated into your Business Management solution, where correspondence is tracked across the company, combining all communication into a common, searchable store.

This means that your existing emails can be mined for information, including the creation of a combined business email contact system, which will contain business information of those who correspond with you.

Customers can then be easily contacted with any information and offers.

In addition, because of the multi-lingual nature of European eCommerce, our software can offer automatic translation of documents and emails between languages.

In addition to email, we also provide a messaging system which brings together regular message traffic and allows managers to easily see progress, and also quickly catch up on conversations, without having to wade through emails, or be cc’ed into every email conversation.

This integrated communications intelligence solution from DBI will centralise your information and resources about customer relationships, and provide dashboards and summaries for managers.


Our custom software also includes functionality for managing staff and labour, including outside contractors.

The system allows labour and staff scheduling, holidays, workflow analysis, performance checking, automation and recording.

Our tools also allow management a detailed view of operations, and also gives insight into the company’s business process.


To deliver your solution, we work with a distributed team from industry and academia.

We have the correct personnel to meet the criteria for each project, and call upon Project Managers, Software Engineers, UX Designers, Internet Developers, from all technical disciplines.

Each is a specialist in their field.

This allows access to the talent and professionalism that you require, and also delivers low costings as team members are engaged when needed.

You can be assured that your personalised team of experts will deliver your project to time and to budget.

With our on-premises solutions, desktop and mobile client software, our cloud-based Business Management systems provide worldwide, always-on availability to customer data to all staff and leaders.

Our systems constantly deliver technology that will fit your company’s needs.


We have built software solutions since 2001, which have been deployed across various industries.

Our team have built the software to specification and to budget for clients and have ensured that their expectations have been met.

Training is provided as standard, and is stored so future additional staff members can easily be brought up to speed on systems.

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We are currently recruiting new members for our development team due to business expansion.

If you have a particular skill set in deployed cloud development, then send your cv via the contacts page.

We are looking for UX designers, and developers with considerable experience in C# and dotNet.