Introducing a scalable stock and customer management system that cuts through the challenging landscape of modern-day business management. Our plans and services focus on critical management and control issues, software that offers accessibility and transparency to operations globally.

Our system sits at the heart of any sales enterprise, managing and operating the most important arena; the ‘engine room’. Easy ordering and lightning-fast inventory management, are fundamental activities that connect business performance to customer experience, each affecting overall profitability. It is therefore imperative that the ‘engine room’ is measured, managed and monitored to ensure a long-lasting and sustained performance.

We provide a cloud-based, modular platform of integrated business systems, developed specifically for online sales, stock management and ordering.

Our solutions manage business critical processes, track and trace operational events and interpret company-wide transactions. Insights and analysis operate seamlessly in the background creating new-found space for teams to be more structured, creative and customer-centric. Armed with alerts and key performance indicators, systems ensure your business is always on top form, enabling operators and management alike to deliver sustainable, stable performance.

Our system operates 24/7, in the cloud, anywhere in the world, whether your doors are open or not. And is accessible from any device, it is there to support, engage, educate and transform the way your teams operate every day.

Implementing our systems unlock new insight and intelligence within the very first month of operation, prompting change and evolution.

Allowing you to evolve your business into tomorrow and protect the business you've already built today.

Why us?

Our system drives your business forward. It has been created and implemented by a team with an underlying drive to empower businesses and enable them to achieve their goals in a challenging marketplace of turbulent economies, with years of hard learned experience.

Cutting through the complexity, our system will enable you to achieve your targets and goals.

Our system is modular and scalable

If you’re looking to implement a leading-edge management system in your operation, then you’ll know that comparing core features in lists just doesn’t even come close to how they work and what they deliver. We’ve identified and deconstructed the fundamental features that have proved successful in legacy systems, then re-engineered and re-built from the ground up actually using our own system on a day to day basis. Our measured ethos is founded around 4 key pillars; usability, scalability, security and automation.

We believe that our software can harness engagement from users, removing barriers to interaction, thereby increasing the volume of your business data which ultimately equates to a greater performance accuracy. Our 4 pillars are at the heart of all of our products, plans and solutions, making the entire experience seamless, easy, intuitive and fast to adopt.

Our ‘broad’ operational features are designed to overlay your own operational structure:-

  • Product Research
  • Sales Research
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Shipping & Containerisation
  • Sales Management
  • Stock Management
  • Team Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Time Management

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