Control, consistency and compliance - the essentials for success

Lets Start at the beginning

Accurate data, provided wherever you are, securely!

React in time

Keep track of your time, when you need to speak to customers, when you need to order, when you need to dispatch, Our Dashboard keeps track of your time and track of your business telling you when things need to be done.


All of your data in one place sounds like a recipe for disaster, but we protect your data behind industry standard security systems, firewalling your most important data so no one except you can access it.


Research products, locate suppliers, and ensure profit before you order anything. Our system calculates shipping costs, containerisation, making sure you buy the right things at the right cost.


With just-in-time ordering, our system records exactly when you need to order, monitoring your sales, shipping times and stock holding to let you know exactly when you need to place your next order to avoid excess stock tying your finances up.


See all of your activity at a glance, with data on your sales and purchases so you can see your financial status at any moment.


Monitor not only your own sales activity as your team contacts customers, but also online sales such as Amazon, Ecommerce and Ebay as all your sales channels are tied together so there are no surprises leading to customer disappointment and lost sales.

Stay on top of your results, with updates wherever you are!


Our costing tool is the must have system that is a total win-win. Go in knowing you’re making a profit. Understand the inner workings of how your products perform and utilise the insights to influence online sales. Costing gives you the power to drive home your profits and safeguard those that you need most.

Easy ordering

Operations today need simple, fast, organised ordering. our system keeps you on track with your purchasing letting you order the right things at the right time and avoiding excess stock holding, and is designed to save you time and give you the visibility and control you need over outgoing costs.

Integrated with your accounts

Forget in-trays and paper invoices, trade completely electronically from start to finish, processing your sales seamlessly into Xero or other account systems for invoicing.

Analyse your order to invoice process, reduce the cost of invoicing, even remove the need for credits. Improve your cashflow instantly. Consolidate your accounting to a single space. Review, moderate, control, approve and pass to payable – all in a few clicks. Seamlessly transfer approved transactions direct to your accounts team for processing; reduce processing time, reduce reconciliation, reduce out of pocket outflow, increase your overall control of the entire function.

Maximise Cash, minimise waste

Tracking inventories in high volume, fast moving operations can be tricky but our systems empower your team to work fast and smart.

Organising and understanding your stock has never been easier. Live inventory movement, usage and consumption all ensure you know what stock you have and exactly where. Transfer, top-up, identify low stock before you’re out of stock and before it's too late! However you work our system delivers just-in-time.

Update & keep track of your business – from anywhere

Communication is a cornerstone of consistency, planning and coordination. Centralise your product launches, schedule your team time, update records and work as a unified team to promote success and keep everyone in the loop.

Quick, easy, instant, all on one platform.

Real time sales data

Sales is an important part of what makes our system tick, but there is much more power behind the scenes. Audit, organise, validate, structure your entire business’s sales mix, ahead of time or on the fly, ensuring your team is guided away from risky sales and onto more reliable targets. Once you’re ready Segment your sales information to market the their needs directly to your customers and watch your revenues grow!

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